An important statement issued by the new kingdom of Atlantis (the land of wisdom).


First, the new kingdom of Atlantis renews its assurance to all citizens that our kingdom grants citizenship free of charge and without any financial compensation to all applicants for citizenship. Fifty and a hundred dollars on the basis that they are investments. Therefore, we warn everyone not to deal with the promoters of these certificates, as they do not have any connection to the new kingdom of Atlantis, the land of wisdom. Rather, they are deceivers who exploit citizens to obtain several dollars. The new kingdom of Atlantis confirms that all its citizens must report any person who makes an offer Such offers to any citizen in order to take appropriate legal action against him.

And since the new kingdom of Atlantis opens its arms to all segments of society, regardless of their nationalities, nationalities or religions, and since it puts forth in its basic principles the preservation of human humanity, the preservation of his dignity and freedom, and the preservation of his property, beliefs and ideas, we strongly condemn all attempts of rogues who infiltrate the pages of some citizens to try to defraud They have to take advantage of the need of citizens, especially those who are looking for a safe haven to shelter them after wars and conflicts have displaced them and famines killed them, and since we consider the exploitation of this group a crime against humanity in all the meaning of the word, instead of extending a helping hand to the stranded citizens, you find someone who takes advantage of them Without a scruple of conscience, no moral deterrent or human feeling, and since the Kingdom of Atlantis sanctifies human freedom, dignity, privacy and belief, we announce that any person who is proven to have evidence condemning him for exploiting any citizen materially or morally, we will bring him to trial according to the laws of the country to which he belongs, out of our pledge to preserve The citizens of the new kingdom of Atlantis, protect them and extend a helping hand to them in all countries, according to the laws and our principles. And the constitution of our kingdom.

Long live the new kingdom of Atlantis, the land of wisdom

Long live the citizens of the new kingdom of Atlantis

And greetings to all honest and free people and defenders of human rights and the rights of women and children around the world

Peace and security for all the peoples of the world.

The new kingdom of Atlantis, the land of wisdom

Corresponding to 12/12/2021

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