Important Announcement  Issued by  The Government of the Kingdom of New Atlantis (Wisdom Land)


The government of the Kingdom of New Atlantis (Wisdom Land) , represented by its Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Alabbadi and all its Ministers and Ambassadors around the world, declares that our kingdom grants citizenship free of charge, either in the first stage or at final stage of the issuance of citizenship, it is completely free at all stages.

So we announce to all our public that there are some people who open false pages and ask our citizens to pay $100 , others are asking $50 and so on. Small amounts they sell themselves and their consciences for it.

The Kingdom of New Atlantis, (Wisdom Land), announces to everybody (Loud and Clear) and stresses that we grant citizenship free of charge, any party asking you for financial compensation to grant you citizenship does not represent the Kingdom of New Atlantis, (Wisdom Land). You must not deal with any page, person or entity that asks you for money to obtain the nationality of our kingdom and we warn everyone against falling victim to such sick souls. We repeat to everyone that any party requests fee, does not represent us at all, you should not deal with them and you must report them and report their pages.

We hope that everyone will abide by the professionalism of this announcement and do not deal with any informal entity, once money request is made from any of you, you must immediately realize that you are dealing with people not from the Kingdom.

Dr. Mohammad Alabbadi

Prime Minister


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