Hamdin Mohamad Al-Amin Assayed


The Kingdom of New Atlantis was a dream, some saw it impossible, but with patience, perseverance, seriousness, sincerity, and the right choice, here it is progressing at a steady march where it began to put its first touches on the ground by opening an embassy in Yemen. What is coming is much better.

The Kingdom of New Atlantis. How has the dream begun?

In our lives, we sometimes sit down and think, how we can participate in this universe, even with a simple idea, then his almighty Allah guide us to succeed in achieving our target. The idea started like this, a group of young people with different nationalities and homelands were brought together by the idea of building a kingdom. The road was full of obstacles and difficult barriers, and woes and calamities came from everywhere. All this, however, has only increased their determination to move towards their noble goal.

They get one way ticket, without return, they started from below zero showing courage and strength to take responsibility, built an edifice of confidence, defeated all doubts, and created hope. Slowly, slowly the dream began to become true, doubters went away with disappointment.

Kingdom of New Atlantis (Wisdom Land), did you ever hear about it?

Let’s review its exciting story. The Kingdom of New Atlantis is a dream of real men who never surrender or discouraged by calamities. They sacrifice for it their time, wealth, efforts without sleeping nights. Our kingdom has distinguished characters, they are like the brightening stars and flags around the world, including, but not limited to, His Majesty King Harun Aydin, One of the famous and wealthy businessmen in Turkey with high standard biography.

The man of miracles and high morals His Excellency the Prime Minister, Dr. Mohammad Alabbadi, who sacrificed a lot of efforts, hardworking and fatigue in this path. He spent days and nights with full determination, without any rest to achieve the desired dream, armed in his hard journey with honesty and morality.

Dr. Iyad Issa, Minister of Interior, stay up late, spend day and night, face all fatigue in order to fill out forms and issue nationalities on time bearing the harms, sacrifice his time and efforts, with full sincerity and gentlemen manner.

The brilliant media Dr. Mohammed Saeed Togly, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, is a man of high morals and God has made him good and good with good knowledge and good dealing with others.

The brilliant media doctor Mohammed Saeed Togly, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, a man of high morals, His almighty Allah granted him good ethics.

Dr. Siham Ben Shaaban, Minister of Culture, Arts and Antiquities, a woman with extraordinary determination, second to none courage and intelligence.

His Excellency, Minister of Education, Dr. Yasser Rabbah, a special man who was granted a broad knowledge, honored with high-class and rare ethics.

There are many others who cannot be mentioned here but deserve our full respect, love, and appreciation. The Kingdom also has ambassadors whom we are proud of, they represent to the fullest the true bright façade of the Kingdom in an effective manner.

The Kingdom has its own visions and missions, the same as other countries have a vision and objectives. The Kingdom is based on peaceful coexistence and security without discrimination of a component, race, or religion. The Kingdom aims to establish peace worldwide and to apply the United Nations theory of sustainable development to the fullest in the 18 goals. The Kingdom has a unique vision that it is a smart kingdom based on establishing smart cities all over the world in partnership with countries seeking smart investment, which is the best way to live decently.

The Kingdom, its officials and diplomats present the most beautiful cultural and social images of the high and respectable way of life that the inhabitants of this planet seek and deserve.

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