Diplomacy is Science and Talent.

H.E. Dr. Mohammad Alabbadi Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of New Atlantis (Wisdom Land


In a country like Atlantis, where democracy and social justice are flourishing with the sunrise of the Kingdom of New Atlantis (Wisdom Land), we are about to witness the birth of a new civilization characterized by its intelligence and collective minds, where we bring together in our society different cultures and civilizations, we have to choose the most beautiful and the best of them with high morals, freely with human consciousness coupled with science, efforts, peace and security.

On the other hand, I am here addressing the kingdom’s ministers, diplomats, and politicians. When you are in leadership office , you have taken a position among the responsible team, through which you can build a better future for the benefit of the country and the citizens, you must always remember that your behavior is the mirror of your mind and personality, you have to forget the mentalities and methods of political domination that you experienced before your new position, the efficiency and integrity of the politician, minister or diplomat is the success gateway in the tasks entrusted to him, which represent rationality, and wisdom in the land of New Atlantis.

As your kingdom is new, you are brilliantly and in a modern style that fits the skills of diplomatic discourse, the Managerial practices with democratic and conscious behavior instills enthusiasm in subordinates. Therefore, the politician and diplomat should have a certain knowledge, statesmanship, good judgment and be fully aware of (political measures) and assess circumstances in preparation for a suitable decision in favor of the Kingdom and expect the possible results to pave the path to a happy and satisfying end.

When ministers or diplomats meet their counterparts of another country, they should first present themselves in a caring and intelligent way, expressing the high intellectual ideology they have which will contributes to pushing diplomatic relations between the two countries to the highest levels, vice versa any misbehavior may disrupt understanding and harm relations between the two countries, so you should listen and think carefully before any response. Gentleness, civility and high literature must be reflected in your behavior, because you are the façade of the Kingdom of New Atlantis (Wisdom Land).

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