The new kingdom of Atlantis announces the completion of its interim constitution


Dr. Mohammad Alabbadi, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of New Atlantis (Wisdom Land) , announced the completion of the interim constitution of the state, which ensuring democratic coexistence in accordance with a fair economic and social system. The Constitution emphasizes the consolidation of the State of law, and the protection of the Atlantic citizens in the exercise of human rights, cultures, traditions, languages, and institutions. The new constitution also emphasized the promotion of cultural and economic prosperity to ensure a decent life for all citizens.
The new constitution did not miss the implementation of the United Nations goals for sustainable development “to achieve human security and as a development approach to resolving economic, social, cultural and political issues to achieve a sustainable global peace. These solutions have not been adopted and accepted by some countries and even the goals set by the United Nations in 2015 there are many countries do not pay attention to them or adopt them.
Through our understanding to the difficulty we will face in convincing the countries of the world to adopt our solutions and creative ideas to put an end to these challenges we have decided instead to create our kingdom where we can apply our vision of these solutions and then generalize them after their success to the rest of the world, that is why the idea of creating the new Kingdom of Atlantis, was born through which we put forward ideas calling for coexistence and harmony among all community groups by adopting a conscious, aware and creative ideas away from discrimination, selfishness and uniqueness, but gathering everybody under the umbrella of human rights and freedoms.
The Kingdom of Atlantis also aims to create a new reality and a new system based on the spirit of cooperation and non-discrimination of color, race or religion, which makes it an example of human relations and promotes the spirit of love, cooperation and peace among all groups of society through a purely human civilized ideology based on a high-level culture of understanding, raising the level of community awareness to a high degree of human development that makes the individual the title of the intellectual initiative seeking to adopt sustainable development as an integrated life, not a verbal slogan, through the formulation and preparation of entirely new educational curricula of meaningful intellectual and scientific value that draw lessons from all the 20th century).



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